This Private College In Lahore That Smashed the Smartphones of Students Is Actually a Living Hell!

A few days ago, a video went viral on social media for all the right reasons. The video showed a man breaking and smashing a decent amount of expensive smartphones. The reasons behind the smashing of smartphones were the students using them in the classrooms.

While doing the unexpected, the Avicenna Medical College situated in Lahore confiscated the phones of the students who were using them in the classrooms and destroyed them one by one.

The dean of the college, who happens to be a retired Army Officer, revealed that there must be a proper code of conduct in the college. Students of the college were not allowed to bring their smartphones and when the administration caught them, they were destroyed.

Here’s the Link to the Video that May Jog Your Memory

But the Strictness Doesn’t End Here, Folks!

While many thought that putting a ban on bringing smartphones to college is wrong, wait till you read the other restrictions they apply.

Girls Have to Measure the Lenght of their Shirts And Make Sure They are 2 Inches Below their Knees

Without the Permission of the Parents, Girls Are Not Allowed to Cut their Hair

Girls Are Not Allowed to Wear Jeans for Any Event

Without Giving a Leave, Taking a Day Off is Not An Option

For Females to Meet Someone Outside the Visitors List is Impossible

The College Does Not Allow the Students to Use the Internet and Laptops

Imagine in the year as advanced as 2018, students are not allowed to use the internet or possess laptops. They can also use the library computers, which are also monitored.

Students Cannot Bring their Smartphones to the Classes

Only a keypad phone would suffice…

One can only imagine the type of things the students of this college may go through. College days are supposed to be fun as that time is indeed a memorable time of one’s life. However, colleges like Avicenna College make it a living hell of young students.

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