This Person Perfectly Answers The Most Important Question Related To Depression

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Depression is a state of mind when you’re physically present but mentally your mind is being swamped with pessimistic and negative thoughts. You no more enjoy the activities which were used to be your favorite.

You seem to think that you’re a scoundrel and there’s no reason for you to stay alive. We tend to think that it’s easy to get away with depression and we can simply overcome it-but it requires other people to play their role by making that person feel contented and eloquent and not to add misery in their wretched lives by making debauching comments because some people are sensitive and our words can seriously cause them internal humiliation.

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Depression has no age. It can occur at any time of your life whether you are a 12-year-old girl or a 65-year-old man. A girl can suffer from it when her parents are constantly coercing her to become a doctor if she doesn’t want to be one. An old man can go through it when he’s thinking that what will happen to his children when he’ll not be in this world.

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There are so many celebrities who couldn’t crusade with depression and the only solution they could think of was ‘Suicide’. Kate spade who was one of the most recognizable fashion-designers committed suicide on June 5, 2018, at the age of 55. Similarly, Chef Anthony Bourdain while battling with depression committed suicide at the on 8th June 2018 at the age of 61.

Only the ultimate solution we get Is suicide-We think that It’s futile for us to live. If you see anyone who’s dejected in life, gather up some audacity to encourage that person that Allah Almighty has given us this precious life that needs to be taken care of-Words can be potent-they have the prodigious impact on people. They can soothe the minds of demoralized souls. At last, the value of life can we summed by the words of Myles Munroe:

”The value of life is not in its duration, but in its donation. You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live”

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