This Pakistani version of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai will leave you in fits!

After Imaan Shaikh’s hilarious dissection of famous Bollywood flick, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, we had thought that was it. Turns out @NoorayKay (a Pakistani Snapchat user), with the help of our favorite application these days, Snapchat, has found yet another funny way of summarizing the plot using emoji’s.

Seriously, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll wonder why you spent three hours, and not just once but multiple times, obsessing over a movie that could’ve been synopsized on Snapchat;

1. The perfect plot: boy, girl and basketball;


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2. But that isn’t all the cast, guys..

kkhh 2

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 3.  You definitely saw this coming..


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4. Anjali waves the friendzone goodbye!


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5. Meanwhile..

6 and 7

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6. Sounds like a plan..


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7. Also, now that Anjali doesn’t play basketball anymore and wears a sari, a boy can fall in love with her;


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8. Fate stages a twist because Rahul deserves both the girls, right?

10 and 11

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10. Surprise! (or not?) Old sparks ignite;

12 and 13

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11. Boy who loved Tina over boy who loved me, any day!

14 and 15

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12. Because who gives a shit about Aman, anyway?

kkh 3

You can follow her on Snapchat: @NoorayKay for upcoming synopses (yep, Noor, we’re waiting!).

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