This Pakistani Kid Explains the Importance of Paying Tax and Well, EVERYONE Needs to Watch It!

Yes yes, we hear you. The increasing taxes are killing all of us. Soon there will be tax on breathing as well. But do we really understand the ideology behind it?

For years, Pakistan has functioned on foreign aid and donations. From IMF loan to CPEC loan and various other institutions, the total debt on Pakistan continues to grow, without any signs of paying it back. With the increase in prices and devaluation of the Pakistani rupee comes the need of increasing taxes. However, the taxpayers of the country are certainly not happy with the new reformations.

Recently, Clothing Brands Were Asked to Increase the Sales Tax

Various local brands acknowledged the reforms and insisted the locals accept this.

In different parts of the world, paying tax has been a practice for decades. For Pakistan, this is something new. And this can be very well explained by this little kid.

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This Little Kid Tells You Why Imran Khan, As the Prime Minister of the Country, Is Doing the Right Thing

So he starts his video by telling how his mother shopped from Khaadi, a Pakistani women’s brand and had to pay 16% of sales tax. He states that since yesterday, his mother has been complaining about the high amount of tax she had to pay.

The kid goes on explaining that implementing tax is important because people need to start paying for the projects that will be implemented in our country in the future. He also mentions that the progress countries of the world has laws that require the locals to pay their taxes.

Furthermore, the kid stated that Imran Khan is not taking these taxes and keeping them in his pocket, which is why locals need to start working in favor of these reforms.

So Does it Make Sense to You Now? Watch his Complete Video Here:

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