This Man Crushes Lollywood With This Hard-Hitting Message!

This Man Crushes Lollywood With This Hard-Hitting Message!

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We all keep wondering when Pakistani movies will start competing with Indian movies. At first, it was just embarrassing to even speak of a movie. Imagine discussing how amazing it was to see Shan standing up even after getting hit with a shotgun thrice. With modern age, came modern concepts, better technology, and greater ideas and direction. However, this person still sees a need for a lot of improvement as he has a different perspective of Pakistani cinemas.

Here it is:


“Dear Pakistani Film Makers ,

If you constantly want to whine about how Indian movies are damaging your business in Pakistani cinemas , then you need to stop insulting your movie audience by giving them a shitty product. Every other Pakistani movie now has :

1- Intehai serious cast trying too hard to be funny , most expressionless actors telling jokes as if they are reading it from a book.

2- One liners , One liners , some more one liners and then more one liners , you end up feeling like you came to watch a standup show rather than a movie.

3- You can’t even cast people of correct accent ? Some films have urdu speaking guys trying to act Punjabi some have Punjabi guys in an urdu speaking role , it gives you a feeling of just another Indian movie where they try to show some scenes of Pakistan with zero knowledge of how people in Pakistan actually speak. Ears bleed when you hear a guy trying too hard to speak in a Punjabi accent in a Pakistani movie, IN A PAKISTANI MOVIE ? Oh come on

4- Forced item numbers,” FORCED, like “hey I can’t dance shit by checkout some camera zooms on my cleavage”

5- Desperate brand promotions inside the movie . Ok , every movie promotes thier sponsors , products are placed , but giving away 3-4 minutes of a movie every other 20 odd minutes just to advertise a brand ? Where is the movie, bro ?

6- Do you have a Pen ? Do you have a paper ? Uhhhh write a script , even social media artists are coming up with better concepts for thier videos. Same old copy pasted concept , the scenes, the stories are so predictable you can just tell whats gonna happen next cuz everyone has seen the same things over and over again.

7- Enough with “Support Pakistani Cinema” bullshit , because let’s be honest here , this is a business, you are making money , don’t force people to pay for a product that is extremely ugly just by selling them patriotic manjan , work hard and work better , be creative , be original.

8- While you are reducing the size of your clothes, increase the standards of your work . A true artist will never take cheap shortcuts to fame , a fake attention seeker will.”

Perhaps it’s time that we start thinking what a successful Pakistani cinema really needs!

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