This Pakistani Guy’s Unbelievable Weight Loss Journey Will Make You Want To Say, “Akhir Kaise?!”

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A 4-year-old child is only excited to go to school if his mother promises him 3 fried pieces of bread for breakfast and FALOODA for dessert. Yes, I use to eat a lot and have always been a foodie. I live to eat. I was always cherished by my mom as I had no friends but her. My love for food was extreme and I couldn’t stand a chance to miss a plate of biryani I’d smell anywhere on the streets.

Everything in my life changed since I lost my mother when I was 15. My dad took me and my siblings to Saudi Arabia, Jeddah after my mom passed away, so we could live with him. I did nothing for 1 year except eating! Eventually, I started taking interest in cooking because I loved to eat and there was no one to feed me. I was in puberty and my thoughts were changing about my appearance as I started disliking myself but I couldn’t take my hands off of food. I used to eat a lot and got depressed about my physique and to relieve depression, I ate more!

After one year, my grandma took me to Pakistan for my high school. I was happy about going to a new place to study where I could make new friends. Despite the fact that I am too obese, I was always confident about making friends and I’ve always been loved by a lot of people because of my caring and friendly nature. I joined the gym and went on crash diets, my body was too heavy for my legs to carry for a workout or a jog so it never worked out for me, in fact, I gained more weight. I didn’t stop eating I weighed 115 kgs then and we’re still counting.

After high school, I moved back to Saudia and started schooling in Accounting and Finance with a part-time job. All I did was taking classes in college and working late night shift as a junior accountant. The air-conditioned environment with all the junk food I ate made me gain more and more as I ended up over 145 kgs. When I was in the mid of my second semester I decided to change my life, I did not go to any gym but with proper diet from zero to no carbs in a day, no workout, I simply broke up my 22-year long relationship with food. I started taking more liquids and use to drink 20 glass of water daily.

I went on a liquid diet and did not eat any solid food for 3 months. After the first three months, I lost over 25 kgs of weight and I got more confident and determined towards my goal. I use to lock myself up in a room at the time of dinner and used to cry missing a proper meal, I know I was wrong and I should’ve taken some proper diet and work out but this was the only available option I had at that time and I was losing weight by that.

I suffered severe muscle and hair loss because of my unnatural and unhealthy weight loss but I continued to eat semi-solid foods for a complete one year and all the food I had was either chicken soup with oatmeal or blended lentils with salt and pepper without any oil. I did not eat any bread or rice for 1.5 years and I weighed 86 kgs then, from 146kg to 86kg in just 2 years was a big achievement for me and I got motivated and continued to keep this diet but it affected my health badly. I looked like a drug addict with all the sagginess over my shoulders.

Since last year, I went on gaining muscles and proper diet and I weigh 88 kgs with a height of 180 cm and my BMI is still high but considered non-risky. I have now started to work out regularly with a healthy diet divided into 6 portions.

Allhamdulliah, I transformed and I’m happy with it. Since I have gone through this weight loss, I see many people passing good and bad comments on me saying I am still fat or I don’t have a proper shape yet but nothing matters to me as I’m confident about myself. I have achieved what I want. People can never go through this, all they can is just talk and criticize.

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