This Pakistani Guy’s Rant About “Aala Taleem” Will Make You Want To Rethink Your Career Goals

This has been ‘the dicsussion of every business student for many, many years. The number of students being “manufactured” by the business school is just mad. And with so many BBA’s in the market, it is sure to create a massive case of unemployment. Every other day, we see fresh graduates of business ending up working in fields which has no relation to their respective degrees.

And like a very common business grad, they would understand it better, that when supply is in surplus than the demand the effects are never really good. So, it happened! Students are all ready to work for the minimal pay. Which ruins the market for every other student who gets in. A big chunk of business students ends up working for as less as 30k to 40k a month.

Such is a situation almost EVERY business student would relate to

So, this guy’s rant about how “useless” these business degrees could be in comparison to the profession which really doesn’t require a degree is LEGITTTT!


Recently I was doing a price check on some “Creative Services” and this is what I found out!

A Good Bridal Makeup costs a whopping 50-60k. 
If you have any doubts on the price, just call Alle Nora, Nabila’s etc.
But you know what this means? 15 lakh Rupees a Month!
Freaking 15 lakh rupees a month from just bridal makeup!
Aur ye aik dulhan tayar nhe krte rozana ki! agar 2 dulhan bhe lgalo tw 30 lakh rupay mahena.. Yeah you heard that right 30 lakh rupay maheena!
Bake parlour ki cheezo ko to chor he do na abhe!

Now comes Mehndi!
10K for a single bridal mehndi.. Yeah read that again 10k for a single bridal mehndi.. aur agar khandan ki bake larkiyon ko lgwalo tw mila k araam se 15k lejaenge…
This means 450000 Rupees a month!

Aur ye BBA aur MBA ki degree hume 30-50 ki range se zyada ki ouqat nhe dete.. aur na sirf ye do gareeb degrees, balke engineering, computer science wgera ki bhe aik insan ko 30k dilwaenge wo bhe rula rula k…

Lanat hai bc… mehndi lgana he sekhle insan..

Ya phir thora sa dheela hoke 15 lakh rupay mahina kamaye..

Zara socho apni mardangi khtm krke aik makeup krne wala dheela bnne se mahana amdani main 14.5 lakh ka izafa hoga…

Aur ye sirf shuruwat ha… more industries to come that make us Respectable degree holders look like gareeb AF!”

#OurGarbageBBA&MBADegreesRecently I was doing a price check on some "Creative Services" and this is what I found…

Posted by Obaid Chawla on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

This guy seems very worried about how people who do makeup and apply mehndi earn much better than a person who works his ass off! Well, being very honest, those people too never get that place the easy way. There’s no free lunch! So, the people who are working at a salon and are preparing brides or the ones applying mehndi learned these skills and made it to the top. Who knows the struggles they went through?

So, “bachy, mehnat kar hasad na kar”! Getting a degree doesn’t mean it’s the end of a struggle. Cheers. 😉

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