This Pakistani Guy with Cerebral Palsy has an Extraordinary Skill that has Left Us All Stunned!

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The effects of Cerebral Palsy weren’t evident to my parents until I had gone past the age in which kids normally start to run. They took me to every hospital, doctor, and physio in the city. Clearly, something was wrong. With time, we learned that the illness wasn’t just limited to my legs, it was in my entire body except for my head.

With some effort, I’m able to push myself around, however, a majority of my movement and activities are performed with the help of my parents and elder brother. Future prospects for such a person are bleak, especially in the competitive and fast-paced world of today. My parents would always worry about me and so did everyone with whom I’m acquainted with.

Since the day I could make sense of this world, I was given a choice. It was to feel sorry for myself and never amount to anything or start making do with what I had. Not long ago, I became active on social media and started chatting with my friends.

They all asked me, “Nameer, how are you doing this?” Of course, they all wondered. I can not use my hands, my fists remain clenched. I can not use my feet, they’re not in my control, either. I tell them I have a nose and I can pretty much do anything with it.

With a tablet in front of me and enough distance with the person I’m interacting with, no one can tell I’m doing all this with the touch of a nose. I’ve always been a diligent student and mostly have gotten good positions in the school. My dream is to become an expert in digital marketing and I’m adamant that I’ll get there one day.

For everyone who’s reading my story, I have this to say: There will always be someone who’s smarter than you. Someone who’s taller than you. Someone who has a prettier face than you. Someone who’s richer than you. Someone who has better grades than you. But that should never hold you back.

You are special in your own unique way and you have your own story to tell the world. Life gives everyone an equal opportunity and it is up to us what we make of it. So go out there and make most of what you have. I know I am.

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