This Pakistani Guy Shares How He Ended Up At Imran Khan’s House On His First Date

First dates are always full of mixed emotions and well at times, they turn out to be perfect or..maybe not. But that’s okay! First dates don’t have to be perfect. But this one story is SOMETHING! LOL.

Osman Khairi is a Pakistani, who lives in the UAE. Osman decided to recall his date which took place almost 16 years ago and decides to share it with his followers, well because there was no way he could ever, ever forget this particular date, which also happened

And guys, let us tell you that you that this story is one-of-a-kind! Osman was in a long distance relationship with a girl and when she finally decided to come to Pakistan, they decided to meet.

Here’s how Osman took this to Twitter!

Keep in mind, this is was back in 2001. So he clearly had NO idea where he was heading. And all he had was an address given to him by girlfriend!

And what he sees when he arrives was probably something he wouldn’t have seen in his wildest imagination!

HAHAHAHHHAA and this happened!


Focus on date, focus on date!

Too good to be true, eh?

HAHAHA!! This is actually cute. But Osman, DUDE…YOUR DATE??!

Say whaaaa??!

And yes, he mentioned how later, things didn’t quite work out with the girl…

And at last, that one autograph is something that’d mean more than a picture or selfie.

What do you guys think of this crazy story?! Would you call this goals? Like dude, who does this? Would this fall in the ‘perfect date’ category? Haha, let us know in the comments below!

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