This Pakistani Girl’s New Year’s Resolutions Are Making Everyone Laugh

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Hailstorm, Jingle Bells, Mufflers, Warm Coffee with Hot Chicken Nuggets and lots of Cuddling with your Beloved Blanket, 2018 is just around the corner guys! It’s definitely New Year’s Resolutions time so below are my resolutions that I have jotted down while murmuring, “I swear I am up to no good!” in Harry Potter Style 😛

Here we go!

I will start my diet from tomorrow because I know tomorrow never comes.

Her Campus


I will start exercising from tomorrow because my treadmill has been married to dust for quite a long time now 😛


I will study daily and break the stereotype of ‘last-minute panic’ as my study mantra.



I will try to work on the human time clock (AM to PM) rather than the owl time clock (PM to AM).



I will call “Yellow Daal” as“Moong Daal”and “OrangeDaal” as “Masoor Daal” because everyone calls me by my name rather as the “Brown Girl” 😀



Instead of lying, I will write the reason of my Sick Leave, “I was feeling sick of this place so couldn’t make it to the office yesterday!!!” 😛

Tenor GIF Keyboard


I will picture an insensitive stampede before falling for any Sale because if someone crushes me down then who will fall for the next Sale? 😀



Before back-biting about my boss, I will imagine myself working for Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada” and thank my lucky stars 😉


I will say no to junk food of my own because I always have the option to say yes to my friend’s 😉



On my next visit to the TM, I will insert my PIN number in reverse so that even the machine will resist giving me money which might make saving possible 😛


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