This Pakistani Girl Shares Why She Loves Karachi City So Much!

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Wherever I go to in Karachi, I just feel relaxed. Despite having Rizenna Raj, people offer seats to the elderly when they climb up on a bus, in respect. If a person, unfortunately, meets with an accident, people stop their vehicles and step out of their vehicles to help that person.

Nowadays, a tradition of charity has been started where Karachiites show their love for Pakistan and take part in charities. In a day, at least four to five million people eat in charity organizations.

Source: Youlin Magazine

If we talk about the traffic in Karachi, everyone knows that it is one of the biggest problems of Karachi. And, what I loved the most was that when the people hear an ambulance, they make way for it to pass by!

If we talk about picnic points, the seaside is the most favorite amongst them. Besides beaches, there are many other beautiful and enjoyable points in Karachi such as Aladdin  Amusement park, Do Darya, China Port, Sunehra Beach, Hawks bay, Fiesta Waterpark, Dreamworld  Etc.

Source: Youlin Magazine

Karachi people are fond of tasty and delicious food. There are many amazing food places in Karachi and so many chai hotels for all the chai addicts out there. Not only this, eateries such as Javed Nahari, Daak Khana’s Gol Gappy, Jamshed’s Road fish, Fresco Samosas and Lassi etc. are one of the famous and tasty food places in Karachi.

Karachi people are fond of holidays and yes, they don’t miss any holiday. They enjoy it a lot! Karachiites are the king of hearts as they welcome people wholeheartedly…

In fact, Karachi is the heart of Pakistan!

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