This Pakistani Drama on Intersex Children Might Be Too Bold For You to Handle

After successfully challenging the common mindset of people about child abuse in “Udaari” on Hum TV, this time ARY channel is all set to premiere a drama that would take on one other taboo. ARY Digital has announced an upcoming TV show “Khuda Mera Bhi Hai”, a show about a mother and her intersex child.

Intersex children have always been seen as a disgrace to the majority sub-continental society. Mocked, bullied and even tortured, these children are not allowed to live like normal people. Even their parents are not supportive enough, giving them away to childcare organizations or some other groups. In Pakistan, this case is quite severe. Therefore, steps taken by the ARY team is worthy of praises.

Here is what Asma Nabeel, the show’s writer had to say about this drama:

“When I was researching the story, doctors told me stories that still give me goosebumps… parents either hide the reality, curse the child for the rest of its life, or give it away at the time of birth.” She continued with: “Having two children myself, I know the kind of pressures mothers can face. Mothers stand up for their children on so many occasions, and there are single mothers who raise children on their own. When I based the whole drama around the parents, I decided that the mother in my story will be a very strong character.”

Asma Nabeel finished up by saying: “I used to wonder whether our [gender-coded] system of behavior is made by God or made by society. I realized that it is made by society. So then, I wrote this story… My only request to the audience would be to care about the drama’s message beyond its hype period. Respect the people, offer some help, and give them jobs. I don’t want to create hype around me or my writing, but to push for some small change in society. It doesn’t happen with one project, but if the dialogue starts, it could eventually lead to some governmental level change. That should be our goal.”

“Khuda Mera Bhi Hai” premieres on October 22nd on ARY Digital. Hopefully this will be yet another great drama, similar to Roag, Khushi, and Udaari. Ayesha Khan would be starring as a mother of an intersex child, while Syed Jibran will play a role of her husband and a father to the child. The drama revolves around how a mother would protect her child from any harm no matter how much societal pressure she may have. This is definitely something to look forward to.

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