This Pakistan Martial Arts Expert Just Broke The Guinness World Record For Crushing Most Beer Cans!

If you’ve spent your childhood in Pakistan, somewhere along the way, you must have taken a karate class at school or some institute. Of all the students, some take martial arts more serious than others. One Pakistani who pledged his life to the beautiful art just broke the Guinness World Record for crushing most beer cans in 60 seconds!

Meet Muhammad Rashid, the Pakistani the whole world is talking about! Not his first Guinness Book World Record title, Rashid has just printed his name on another record. In the video, you can see Muhammad Rashid expertly crushing 77 beer cans with his elbow in a matter of 60 seconds only.

According to Guinness World Records, “The Guinness World Records rules for this challenge state that the cans must be unopened at the beginning and then crumpled to a minimum width of 3 cm (1.18 in). Organised by the Associazione Cons.erva, a large audience came to watch the attempt in Gemona, Italy and cheer Muhammad on.”

 Muhammad Rashid, who hails from Karachi, Sindh, has pledged his life to martial arts and wants to break as many Guinness World Records as he can. Such was the rhythm of his smashing, people around him had brought their umbrellas just to keep away from the splashing beer. Rashid also holds other records such as ‘Most Nunchaku hits in one minute [350]’ – ‘Most walnuts crushed by hand in one minute [201]’ – ‘Most walnuts crushed with elbow in one minute [128]’ – ‘Most spins of a fire staff in one minute [188]’.

This is how people reacted to Rashid’s feat on the Guinness World Records feed

The country needs to be extremely proud of Rashid’s feat and the authorities should give him special concessions and financial appreciation for putting Pakistan’s name in the Guinness World Records so many times. However, we know that might be far-fetched idea because our authorities are loath to providing financial assistance to athletes.

Still, we, the people of Pakistan, should appreciate Rashid for his immaculate performance at the Guinness World Records.

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