This Pakistani Condom Ad Is Making People “Sharam Se Pani Pani”

It is estimated that by the end of 2025, the total population of Pakistan would be 300 million. Every day, a whopping number of 14,000 babies are born. Unbelievable, right? Which means 14,000 more mouths to feed and 14,000 more children who need education and to be taken proper care of. On an average, a Pakistani nuclear family has 5 to 6 kids in their lifetime. No doubt that we need more awareness and easy access to contraceptives and condoms. So, when an ad appears on TV of any sort of birth control it is actually a moment of celebration.

All such awareness programs and ads are a point of development that needs praise. That was of course until people witnessed this ad of a condom brand named “Do Pakistan”. We all have read about the subliminal messages that usually appear in product ads and movies that is below a human threshold but which actually makes people consider buying the very product. But, this product has gone wayyy too far in being “bold” and “open” about the very act. Keep in mind when you watch this ad, don’t forget to read the subtitles added.

This video is a must watch!!

Do Pakistan

Channel your competitive spirit in a long cricket inning filled with leisure and pleasure. #DoWhatYouLove #PSL3 #DoCondom #3in1

Posted by Do on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The theme of this ad is based on cricket, the guy who is doing the voice over is actually narrating the whole act while is being done. *Haraaammm* This just made us think that would people be okay watching this ad with their family? So, let’s be clear about it! What’s the purpose of making an ad? To create brand awareness, no? But what if we start making the TVCs and print ads a little more culturally acceptable? It would actually make people see and read it clearly and maybe consider buying it?!

The words in the ad are actually veerryyy obvious! Just imagine sitting around friends and family and you come across this ad on TV, everyone would be searching for the remote, right? Since the product is actually for family, how about making it a little more subtle? On a lighter note, the acting is bad too. 😀 *runs away*

What do you guys think of this ad? Share your views in comments below and let us know. Maybe tag your friends? Hehe 😀

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