This Afghani Family Is Selling ‘Aloo Paratha’ On The Streets Of Islamabad With Pride

Afghani Family

This Afghani orphan family is earning an honest livelihood by selling ‘Aloo Paratha’ on the streets of Islamabad and earning praises all over. The young boy describes his family’s financial condition and what made them sell this ‘Afghani Aloo Paratha’ in a cart.

“Our father passed away early since we had no one else to earn bread and butter, I along with my mother and siblings come every day to sell our special aloo paratha,” he said in a video posted by Urdu News.

“When we came here, my mother had some money and jewelry which was saved as a startup for any small business. Unfortunately at gunpoint, everything was stolen and we had nothing left.”

‘Robbed at gunpoint, had to start from zero’

“We started our lives again from zero. My mother first used to clean houses, but due to the language barrier it became quite difficult.”

Later they started a chips stall in a park to earn a living but the earnings weren’t enough and they barely made ends meet.

“Then finally we started this Aloo paratha cart and it has been our source of earning since,” he said with a breath of relief.

“In the morning we go to school and our mother goes to a stitching class. She later gets home and gets everything prepared for the day. We come home from school and set off to sell parathas all day.”

All work, no play… still satisfied

“We don’t get time to play or go out, we hardly get time to study or do our homework” he added.

Because of the lockdown, we had no choice but to stay at home for 3 months. It was really hard for us to survive with what little we had.

Nevertheless, we are proud of our mother who raised us with ‘halaal’ income, and today we stand on our feet. We work hard every day and night but never asks for anything from anyone.”

Watch the video here:

Twitter lauds the brave family

Twitteratis praise the hardworking family and pay their respects to the driven mother who taught her children to earn for themselves than be dependent on anyone else.

This Afghani family is a source of inspiration as they didn’t lose hope and strived to sustain a livelihood for themselves.

It is inspiring to see such families rise above their financial situations and instead of looking at others for help, work with what they have to earn a respectable livelihood. We at Parhlo commend their efforts and wish them the best in life.


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