This New Pakistani Commercial Delivers A Strong Message for Our Society

Another day and another stereotype to go down. This time, it’s one latest commercial of a brand in Pakistan that has a valuable lesson for all of us.

Our society is laden with stereotypes. We like to label everyone. Perhaps the easiest thing that we swiftly resort to is judgment. We love to jump to conclusions and form judgments.

Drawing the inference of our judgments we often do not realize what it gives away or what is the downside of it. Sometimes our judgments hurt sentiments of people outright, it taints our values and gives rise to conflict.

To contest this issue, we would like to stress about our imminent judgments as a prevailing dilemma in our society. We have an individual responsibility to counter it and deliver an inspiring message.

This Pakistani commercial has managed to highlight the same in a very inspiring manner. See it for yourself:

Indeed a strong message delivered. It forces us to change our paradigms. It invokes us to look beyond the stereotypical and most importantly, empathize.

Empathy is what strikes us to look down deep in something. It negates a shallow judgment and showcases facts immersed in truth.

This commercial lays great stress about our habits of labeling things. Labeling people, labeling facts, labeling opinions and overall, labeling everything with our sheer judgment. Our judgment itself is labeled, based on our intellectual prowess.

Our shallow judgments are very subjective. To anyone receiving such judgments certainly feels narrowed down to an empty proportion of value as a human being.

This particular commercial is also very inspiring in the prospect that it is not mainstream like mostly the rest advertisements we see on a daily basis. It does not star celebrities flaunting their bodies, dancing to music from our neighboring country. It does not promote sexism, objectification or anything alike where the core message, the core content of an advertisement is lost in the epidemic of such measly things.


We are glad that such brands think beyond the mainstream and norm. We are glad that they realize the real essence of marketing.

As consumers, we enjoy products but we also like it when these products play an important part in bringing a change in our society.

We must continue to think beyond our narrow judgments. Most importantly, we must stop judging people in such ways that hurt their sentiments, even doing it behind their backs. Just thinking how it could go down on them should refrain us.

We must promote empathy and continue to spare people and elevate our human values. Live and let live.

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