This Muslim Man Decided To Break Roza With Hindus At India Gate To Keep Brotherhood Alive

While our newsfeed keeps popping up with negative posts, this video showed up as a breath of fresh air. Anwar, a Muslim guy living in India took up the challenge to test religious intolerance in an effort to encourage peace between Hindus and Muslim. To negate the narrative propagated by religious fundamentalists, he decided to carry a social experiment.

Atif Anwar took to the streets of New Dehli and invited Hindus to break the fast with him. He stood blindfolded at India Gate,  holding a placard which said “Main ek ‘Musalman’ Hu….Aaj Mera Roza hai…Main Chahta hu ki mera Roza…Hindu Bhaiyo ke saath kholu…’Jai Hind’” (I’m a Muslim, I’m fasting today. I want to break my fast with Hindu brothers. Long live, Hindustan).

Watch the video here:

Men Ek Musalman Hu….

#2019,social experiment on religious harmony, which resulted into global example,India is a diverse country with unity.Please share this and show the world how we love each other “Jai Hind”

Gepostet von AFLA TOON am Dienstag, 20. Juni 2017

The video had an amazing response. We would like to commend and congratulate Atif Anwar on taking such a great initiative and for serving as a harbinger of peace, tolerance, brotherhood and unity.

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