This Moulana Knows The Bhagwat Geeta Just As Well As He Knows The Quran!

This Moulana Knows The Bhagwat Geeta Just As Well As He Knows The Quran!

During a time in the world where there is hatred and intolerance towards people of all kinds except your own, there are very few people who try to bridge the gaps. Progress has been made to bring about tolerance regarding people’s ethnicity and nationality. But religious intolerance exists in all parts of the world equally, no matter how progressive and developed. A unique story has come out of India. BBC Urdu posted a video about Moulana Shaheen Jamali who is not only well versed in The Quran, but also gives people sermons based on the similarities of the Hindu scriptures.

In a country like India, where there are more Muslims than there are Muslims in Pakistan, a sense of understanding needs to exists as a prerequisite for peace. People who know nothing about Islam, often subconsciously end up dehumanizing it and its followers. We have seen many instances of non-Muslims lashing out on Muslims based on either a lack of knowledge or a misunderstanding about the religion.

The same principle can be applied to the other side of the argument. Muslims often dehumanize Hindus based on the lack of knowledge and understanding of their religion. This brings a certain gap or a distance between them as people.

To be a good Muslim and a follower of Islam, we have to be a good human being and we can’t be good human beings until we understand people and learn to accept them with all their differences.

Maulana Shaheen Jamali has understood that soul of Islam and using his knowledge of comparative religions to bring Indian people of both the religion, closer to each other.

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