This Pakistani Male Model Shares How He Was Shamelessly Harassed By A Renowned Photographer

The #MeToo campaign had started a much-heated debate when many women on Twitter started to following this hashtag and told their horrifying tales of all times. People were beyond shock to hear all these stories that women have had buried all this time and never discussed in public! There were a lot of men who supported all these women who came in public to bring this issue to surface. But we did not hear men telling the same story where they have been victims too.

This upcoming model, Mujahid Rasool who has been in the industry for more than  7-8 years, has been trying to find good work all this time. He shared a story recently in which he mentioned how he was harassed by a famous photographer “Azeem Sani” in return of the photoshoot.

Here’s what Mujahid had to say:

I have my own conditions!

Can we meet alone?
Show me your n*** pictures!
& so on……
These type of statements have to be faced by me since the day I am struggling in this media industry & I am more than 100% sure that I am not alone in this case, there could be many more out there. But, to get their aims achieved, many would have been entangled in the tentacles of those animals. I have been waiting all these years if someone speaks up about these black sheep’s openly but no one did. But yesterday, after 3-4 years later, same designer started to ask me if I will fulfill his conditions now? Seriously guys!

My only fault is this that I believe on hard work rather than finding these shortcuts. For me, my self-respect is more important than any work I will get by losing it. So, if you think k after these years my values would have been changed? So, listen, all this struggling time makes me even stronger and believer of hard work. I will keep on smashing my head to this media industry to create my space rather than to be impressed by your lectures.

Why I have to go through all this to match my talent?
Why I have to fulfill someone’s immoral conditions to get that work that I deserve?

Why a black sheep should say to me if I will not fulfill their filthy demands then I can’t be successful in this media industry?

Why the f**k I have to shout on myself & my passion after struggling for 7-8 years in this industry and listening these bullshits?

Why there is no streamline organizations recognizing and sustaining fresh talents?

If there are, then why would they hire such bastards to do these most important jobs?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? There are many more Why’s!

I have been struggling this field for 7-8 years which is been an experience full of harassment. So, I am speaking on my behalf (& might be on behalf of hundreds out there) that #WEToo are being harassed.

We are being harassed not by one particular designation but each and every one from “Content head to Directors”, from “Designer to Photographers to promoters”. If I decide to write names here, then their masks will gone away. Like very renowned photographer and Promotor “Azeem Sani”, I contacted him through Facebook and went for meeting few years back, then he wanted see me n*** for work and when I refused to obliged then no work!
I mean, guys, you have your families, kids, parents, wife! How you guys will be able to stand in front of your kids as proud father? And in front of your wife as proud husband? And in front of your parents? How you will be able to do that?

I met and inspired by many highly professional people in this industry as well, so hats off to you guys. You are the reason I am not discouraged, you are the reason still I am striving and I believe I will make it to there.

Disclaimer: I am writing all this based on my personal experience so relate anything straight to me if you have to.

He shared the same story on Twitter and shocked everyone!

Before Mujahid posted the note, he shared screenshots of the convo he had with the photographer!

So the photographer contacted Mujahid after soooo many years!


He’s trying to make Mujahid recall what he asked for that time when they interacted


If you are old enough, so you should know that taking off your clothes is the way though!


But Mujahid stood strong!


But what if someone being in the industry wants to stay NORMAL?!


What does ‘relaxingly’ mean here?




It’s high time that people should give more attention to these issues as many people would be saved from this forced culture that has been put so that no one should cross this without paying the price! The price which is heavier than self-respect! We stand with Mujahid’s stance and will continue to do so with all the victims!

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