This Man Memorized Half of the Holy Quran in One Year and he Wants to Preach the Method

Being a Hafiz-e-Quran is not an easy task – besides leaving the worldly education for time being, the prime focus of an individual fulfilling such a religious activity is to learn the Quran by heart. According to the non-Arabic Hafiz-e-Quran, learning the Quran by heart is 10 times more difficult than the usual because it is not the language they are fluent at.

However, be it an Arabic or a non-Arabic, learning the Quran by heart is a beautiful journey with endless rewards. Hence, the journey is difficult, as well as time-consuming. It takes people about three to four year to become Hafiz-e-Quran.

There are no shortcuts in life, but when you do something the right way with all your attention and effort, somethings become easy.

Meet Mahmoud Shalby, a 17-year Old Who Learnt Half of the Quran in ONE Year!

Shalby, who currently lives in America shared his journey with his followers on social media. In the light of making things easier for people who are trying to follow the same path as him, he narrated the method he is currently following to learn the Quran by heart.

Here’s How the 17-Year-Old Narrates his Journey to Help Others Out


Step 2

Important Step

He Also Answered Two Mostly-Asked Questions

Step 4

Another Important Step

Step 5

Step 6

As the Revision

Follow the Same Routine

Consistency is the Key

He Speaks from Experience!

And Here’s the Recap

JazakAllah for sharing these useful tips. Shalby has requested to people reading this to make a prayer for him as well.





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