This Man Has Taken “The World’s Richest Man” Title From Bill Gates

For a very long time we have all known Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. Until recently, Amanico Ortega, founder of Spanish fashion brand Zara usurped Bill Gates of that title.

Amanico Ortega, a self-made billionaire, is the son of a railway worker. Leaving school at the age of 13 he started working at a clothing shop. Later in his life, Mr. Ortega founded Zara, a Spanish fashion brand in his living room with his ex-wife, Rosalia Mera, in 1975.

On Wednesday, September 19 Amanico Ortega’s net-worth increased to $78 billion, jumping a total of $1.7 billion and overtaking Bill Gates net-worth of $77.4 billion.

However becoming a billionaire does not change Amanico Ortega’s values. The billionaire lives a very modest lifestyle. He eats in the staff canteen with his employees and usually wears the same blazer and shirt – neither of which are from Zara.

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