This Man Almost Got Waseem Badaami’s Show Banned For Life

On May 9th, Islamabad High Court has issued a notice to PEMRA for halting the shows like Neelam Ghar and those appearing to be ‘circus shows’ during the holy month of Ramadan. It has been stated in the notice that, “It is expected of all channels and licensees of PEMRA “that [the] respect and spirit of the holy month of Ramazan are not compromised by any host or guest, either through appearance, or any act or words were spoken”.

But it seems that another notice is required for the implementation of previous notice. As the channels are still engaged in airing indecent content through Ramadan transmissions. Every channel has sort of similar show segments including Bait Baazi, Islamic Quiz, telethon for collecting money for poor, five to eight minutes with little kids and of course cooking show. This transmission usually starts at 2 pm and ends with Azaan e Maghrib, then come the game shows which go on till 10 or 11 pm.

Recently, when a scholar mocked a girl when she asked a question regarding makeup in office, the Twitteratis pointed fingers on the credibility of the scholar while some supported the scholar’s view.

Another clip of Waseem Badami’s Ramadan show, Shane Ramazan got viral in which Waseem Badami really got scared for a moment. He was standing between the audience for distributing gifts while asking questions from them. One of the man, aged between 50’s suddenly stood up and chanted a slogan, “Hum Na Hon Humare Baad Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad” but the reaction of Waseem Badami was priceless!

Hila Dalaaaa….???

Posted by Karachiites on Monday, May 21, 2018

Including Mr. Badami, people also got shaken.


Bhai Ke Supporters!

Political Bande Bhi Aa Gae Yahan!

Uncle Rocks!

It is sixth Roza today, let see how many more such videos are coming our way!

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