This Love Letter Written By A 4th Grader Has Raised Many Questions For Our Society!

This Love Letter Written By A 4th Grader Has Raised Many Questions For Our Society!

School life is considered as the best part of life. It is the time when your classmates become your lifetime friends, you share your every giggle, punishment and home-made lunch equally with your friends. And it became memorable. Where the modern gadgets have changed the lifestyle of children, it has also affected their mindsets. The adoption of new technology is not a bad thing as Hazrat Ali said that

Don’t force your children to behave like you, for surely they have been created for a time which is different to you.

But a balanced strict check is necessary for their growth. Given how the technology of today and the internet has brainwashed our minds with “goals” of having a perfect “love” life, the upcoming generation has become a victim of this scenario and it is nothing to be proud of.

Recently, a love letter went viral on the internet. What makes this letter unique is how honest the feelings written inside are. Take a look:


Surprised by the writing and vocabulary? I was too, but you know why? Because this letter is written by a student of grade 4. What makes it even MORE surprising is that the 4th grader wrote this letter to a 10th grader boy. As shared by a page on Facebook, here’s what the teacher of that school (according to the page) thinks:

“Today, I was conducting a session in a school for grade 4. I saw 3 girls in aggressive mood. After inquiring, I got to know that a girl among them is in Love with a boy of 10th grade. What?? A grade 4 girl in love with 10th grade boy!!? Yes! And when I inquired more, a girl from them gave me this letter (#LoveLetter) and said this girl wrote this to that boy! (I colored the names to keep them confidential) SubhanaAllah. Media has captured the mind of our people so much that even 11 year old girl (who can’t even write proper english) want to be in love with someone..

#Parents! Please don’t allow your children to watch each and every drama serial and don’t let them watch bollywood movies. Seriously, these media industries are only destroying your children’s mind and future. Please open your eyes before its too late.. Also, please keep the check on their friends. Give them righteous friends as it is obligation upon you to do their good tarbiyyah.

May Allah forgive all of our sins. Ameen.”


The one thing that we need to keep in mind here is that your child, regardless of which school they are going to, can go through this abnormal phase of “love”. Teaching them in the beginning of how absurd this entire concept prevailing in our society and as shown on media outlets is a must in this age.


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