This Kid Singing Coke Studio’s “Ae Raah e Haq Kay Shaheedon” Will Give You Goosebumps!

“Pakistan is full of talent.”

This is something we hear often. And we often get to see that on rare occasions; every season of Coke Studio! We are often told that the country is full to the brim with talented individuals that are ready to be recognized by the appropriate people who can make something of that raw talent.


Yet, it is a dilemma that most of the people on whom the spotlight falls are often mediocre at what they do. And the audience has no choice but to accept mediocrity as the epitome and not only enjoy it but grade other talents relative to the bar they have set.

This video of a young kid singing in his school is doing rounds and we just couldn’t help but share it.

The commitment to the scale and the sheer clarity in the upward and downward spiral of the notes is not only impressive but also indicative of a rare innate talent!

We’ve also seen the famed music producer, Shuja Haider, promote this school girl singing the OST for Mann Mayal.

Maybe it’s time that these kids are focussed and trained to lead the way

Our entertainment industry is set and ready to roll. The artists are out and ready to perform.

What’s missing is our conviction to make it work!

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