This Latest “Ad” Is Making A Lot Of People Have “Thanday Paseenay”

If asked what was the last ad that you saw which made you sharam se pani pani, what would you say? Like something seriously awkward! Yeah, it must be a condom ad and you would be finding a remote control to END the awkwardness. Feeling flushed? NO? Liar!

But who knew that a socks ad can make the situation more awkward than ever?! So, this recent socks ad (which clearly seems to be a mockery of a famous condom brand) went viral on Twitter and people are like haw hayee! This ad is actually a mockery of a condom ad in which they have replaced a condom with socks! LOL!

So, if you watch closely, it’s not the video but the subtitles that make it a whole package of awkwardness!

Watch it at your own risk!

*You have been warned and you certainly will NOT be able to unsee this*

Dying of laughter here… HELP!

Some watched it a little too closely 😛



“Apny machalty kadmon ko dejiye, Surex ki surakhsha” What even??? What did just happen! Well, it is believed that condom ads go viral because of the content, so they might be tried to follow the bandwagon to get it viral. Seems like they have succeeded. No?

How about tag a friend and make them see and wait for their reaction. Tag a shareef friend to break the ice by not showing them something “vulgar”. Hehehe! Rather post it on their on their timeline for some bombastic reaction and let us know what happened next. Cheers!

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