This Kenyan Company Makes Beautiful Eco-Friendly Pencils!

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A great emphasis has been given on protecting the environment. From time to time, the environmentalists keep reminding us about sustaining our milieu by reducing pollution, carbon footprint and emission of greenhouse gases. Also, they stress on producing eco-friendly products, which do not harm the habitats whether in production, use or disposal.

Hence, the emphasis on producing clean and green products that help conserve energy and minimize toxicity, carbon footprint, and emission of greenhouse gases has increased. Eco-friendly products also include biodegradable, compost-able or recyclable products that do not upset the ecological balance when they are disposed.

A Kenyan company, Ecopencil, makes beautiful pencils using old newspapers.

This Kenyan Company Makes Beautiful Eco-Friendly Pencils!

source: independent

This company makes up to 40,000 pencils a day, taking into account the significance of recycable products.

The company buys the waste newsprint and takes it to the factory. The waste newsprint is cut into dimensions which are the same size as the graphite lead i.e. between 16.5 and 17 cm. After this, they take the lead and adhere it onto the paper using paper glue.

According to Kareso Saiyanka, the founder of Ecopencil, this pasted paper is put in a machine. The machine rolls them and produces them as tight cylinders. Afterwards, they are processed in a big pot for 6-7 hours until they become as hard as wood. These pencils are then inserted into branded sleeves and laminated in a special machine.
Some of these eco-pencils are sharpened by hand before packaging.

Do you know why the recyclable products are need of the time?

It is because they reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and help minimize the need for new raw materials.

Hence, while the world is making a transition toward renewable energies and recyclable products, it is our responsibility too to protect the environment from damage and switch to eco-friendly products and practices.

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