“An Open Letter To The Women Who Ruin Our Brothers, Cousins And Friends”

“It is an untold reality,” said one person after they agreed to the views that women have long taken men for granted. It is one of the most neglected and ignored topics in our society. One that has ruined the lives of brothers, cousins and friends – from a perspective of a woman.


It is time Pakistan accepts that our society does cater to pre-marriage relationships. Every guy or girl, at least once, gets in a relationship before they officially get hitched. In such an uncertain management of affairs, it is the guy who gets hurt more often than expected.

Source: postimg.com

Source: postimg.com

In a recent Facebook post that surfaced, a girl called out all women who ruin lives of men, by false promising marriage or keeping them as backups, before they get married in an arranged manner with their parents’ consent. Such affairs usually leave the guy in turmoil, where he is broken beyond repair.

Here’s what the open letter about women who ruin guys’ lives said

Dear Women, who have no intention of staying in their lives forever, women who cannot commit, who’s ‘parents just wouldn’t agree’, who’s parents think ‘the guy is still not settled enough’ yet the girl who still likes to keep that boy around, just to see how long he would linger, to feel good about themselves, to get the ‘I still love you so much I will wait till the day you married’ statements

To have that fall back safety net till the time their parents find the good enough guy for her to marry, to make the guy hate himself, his family, his circumstances, his luck, his God, for being as unfair as to take away the love of his life when ‘she wants it just as much as I do and it isn’t her parents fault I am nothing yet, only a graduate with a new job’, to that girl that acts like she is perfection, nobody but that loves-truck poor bastard that you’re sucking out of his blood buys your facade. Women may be fragile and oppressed, but the same women have incredible powers of manipulation, and we all know it. Do not be that girl. You either stay, or you leave, there is no in-between.

Every aching sister/cousin/friend”

Source: dailymail.com

Source: dailymail.com

In all honesty, this menace of our society has led to many guys committing suicide or just leaving everything and taking up drugs or other such false activities. It is high time the women realized, and so did the men, that this illness needs to be dosed away as soon as possible.

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