10 Just Middle Class Things That Will Make You Laugh Your A** Off!

You’re at an expensive restaurant with your parents, browsing the menu. Suddenly, your mom leans toward you and whispers rather loudly,

“Yehi cheez Burns Road pe 200 rupay ki milti hai”.

If you’ve met a similar fate at expensive restaurants or retail outlets, congratulations, you’ve been raised in a desi middle class family. Not that it’s a bad thing, but middle class desi parents have instilled these quirky habits in us that are nothing short of hilarious! And to celebrate these quirks, Twitter users are sharing their middle class “aadaat” yet again with the hashtag #iamsomiddleclass. You can’t not relate to these:


1. Just HAVE to “wasool” the entire amount:

2. Nope, we don’t even let the shoppers escape:

3. “Itnay saray paison me itna sa?”

4. “Thora rate girnay do”, because expensive is a complete no-n0.

5. There’s no such thing as disposable; at least not before it has been used 3468 times:

“Rakh lo, kaam ayega”

6. 80000 for a phone? No way.

You can feed thousands of people, get four cars, and take a world tour in the same amount, beta.

7. Whatever it is, just save:

8. Reuse everything; even presents:


9. Workout begins at home:

10. Because who pays 700 for every movie that comes out:

This middle class life, ftw!


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