This Is How You Can Get Rid Of Your Obsessive Ex Who Won’t Stop Bothering You

Guys, I know you are going through enough crap in your life and your clingy ex that whacks out your brain every now and then is not helping either.

You need a way out of it. You need to get rid of them. Don’t you just wish something could happen that could swipe their existence away from your life? Definitely not suggesting that they die, so relax. But you secretly do wish you could kill them because they have made your life a living hell.

Let us be realistic here. How many ways have you tried at least to get rid of them? I am sure they are countless. Or you may not have tried anything yet because you know they are supposed to grow apart and give you space like a normal human being.

Life would be too easy if it was that simple. It’s not and you know you cannot live with it anymore.

So, allow us to set you free. We are rooting for your redemption. We will get you out of the storm you can longer sail through.

So, let’s get started… Following are the ways you can knock that ex out of your life for real:



You tried that before but you just could not keep up with it. Try harder and be practical about it. Find smart ways to ignore them without hurting them. It’s not nice to hurt them, you know, so you need to make it all look natural and get rid of them. Fake if you want to fake anything, let them realize that you have other priorities and actually enroll in some program that keeps you super busy.

Establish boundaries


Build those pillars up! You need to set apart, create boundaries between each other. Don’t text them at 1 am, please for God’s sake. Do not text them on new year’s eve either. Stop liking their Instagram posts, stop saying ‘hi’ every now and then and just don’t comment on their Facebook statuses. It is fine to remain on talking terms but if they stick around every now and them and it bothers you so much, you have got to stop it.

Be a human, talk them out of their problems


You know some people really have issues. Mental illness is a problem. It may not be serious but you can still help someone. Change your paradigm about it first. Track their habits and research exactly why they are inclined towards such behaviors. You could find something useful for them which you could communicate them. Talk them out of their obsession and they would genuinely feel helped.

Avoid contact with mutual friends for some time

Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

It was the hardest thing for me… No matter how cool your mutual friends are and how much you enjoy their company, you have to avoid them until your ex stops obsessing over you. Your mutual friends let your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend know everything that’s happening in your life and ultimately, keeping your ex’s interest in you. They could also be helping them win you back, you never know! 

Block them on all kinds of social media as well as their contact number

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Yes, do it now! Block them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, stop viewing their Snapchat stories and delete their number once and for all.

If nothings works, break their heart by setting their gifts on fire and send pictures

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Savage move but it could save you when nothing is working out…

Get your new partner involved and make them jealous until they feel miserable and stop

Source: Tenor

Source: Tenor

Another savage move but not going to affect them so much. People tend to feel jealous and once they realize that their efforts are going in vain, they would realize it is time to move on.

Friendzone them

Source: PopSugar

Source: PopSugar


If you’re somebody’s ex & reading this, please realize you may be a nuisance for them & it’s becoming an issue since we are compelled to write on it.

Anyway, folks, good luck with ditching your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend next time. Hope you come out successful!

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