This Is How Twitter Reacted To The Cyber Crime Bill

This Is How Twitter Reacted To The Cyber Crime Bill

Now that the Cyber Crime Bill has been approved by the senate, we might have to change what we post on the social media so that we don’t get jailed and have Twitter meetups in Adiala. Twitter people showed us what to do by trending the hashtag #TweetsAfterCyberCrimeBill and the result was hilarious.

1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Also, the share button on Facebook needs to be replaced by “SHER”.

2. Misbah who?

The only captain we know is Captain Safdar.


Sher is the national animal of Pakistan.

4. Everyone in this government is amazing, ok?

No tweets against PML-N. Everyone in that party is the best.

5. The truth they won’t tell you

But now we will know every reality thanks to Cyber Crime Bill.


***don Bridge is falling down.

7. PML-N Champion

Don’t forget, Ishaq Dar, Khwaja Asif a champion.

8. Even load shedding isn’t bad

Load shedding is the best thing happened to us. It’s like the government wants us to be patient and get out of our houses and go get some fresh air. Load shedding is a blessing. Long live Nawaz Sharif.

9. Best dad ever

10. Happy Father’s day

11. Exactly

Best government ok?

12. OMG

There is no army chief but Raheel, and Nawaz Sharif is his last prime minister.

So yes, this the kind of stuff you are to post on the social media if you want to keep yourself from getting jailed. All the memes and jokes you make against the government? They are a one-way ticket to jail now.

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