This Is How Salty Indian Trolls Reacted On Akbar Bugti’s Death Anniversary

There is one thing Indians love more than Bollywood, which is trying to meddle into Pakistan’s affairs. If it were up to them, they would leave Bollywood and start making films for Lollywood, such is their will to mess with Pakistan’s assets or liabilities. Same was the case on Akbar Bugti’s death anniversary.

26, August – the day when Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed in the mountains of Balochistan, has always sparked controversy. The 10th death anniversary was to be no different. Indians, as said before, wanted to meddle in and promote Akbar Bugti as an ‘independence hero’ – without any knowledge about his life or work.



Here’s what the salty Indian lot had to say about Akbar Bugti on Twitter

When you don’t even know how a person died but you’re willing to make up stories

When you don’t even know that Brahamdagh Bugti is Akbar Bugti’s grandson, NOT his son..

When you’re trying really hard to propaganda via history but are failing miserably

When you have absolutely no idea what you want to say or plan on saying

India for Balochistan? India needs to be for Kashmir first, then stand with Balochistan

Akbar Bugti was never a friend of India. He was a friend of Pakistan till the royalties were paid

Free Balochistan? But it is already free. This post is being written from Balochistan.

Yes, of course you admire him a lot, thanks to everything that Wikipedia says

What else do you remember Jitendra? When you and Akbar Bugti used to play cricket together?

Thus, this is why they always say ‘don’t touch what you can’t grab’ – this quote settles here in more than one meaning. To the traitors of the nation, their aides and abettors, the enemies and their promoters, there’s one thing all of you should remember: there is no power in the world that can undo Pakistan, not without God’s will.

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