This Is How Patients Reacted When Sahir Lodhi Took Selfies With Them…

Our so called Pakistani ‘Celebrities’ are known to stay in the limelight for the wrong reasons. Yet again Mr. Sahir Lodhi has made waves by showing he learnt absolutely nothing from the ‘Komal Rizvi Selfie’ controversy . . .

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Or truth be told, maybe he has! The kind of media hype and publicity Komal’s selfie attracted seems to be the very inspiration behind this act as well.

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Even the chacha thinks you need medical assistance.

But sorry to say, even the lady on the bed thinks you stink or may be you were stinking literally!

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Though the point of this ‘promotional’ idea was to show that actual progress was being made and patients were being treated, and maybe to raise awareness for donations, this was definitely not the way to have gone about it. Only displayed insensitivity on his part.

This article is satire based.


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