This Is How Pakistanis On Twitter Reacted To The End Of Brangelina!

By now, we all have probably heard the news. If you’re one of those souls that live in a corner of the world and has no idea what’s going on outside their room, brace yourself. Angeline Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Brangelina is no more.

You might be wondering what this has to do with us Pakistanis. The answer is: absolutely nothing. It isn’t remotely related to us. Konsa hamari phuppo kay bachay paida nahi honay walay iss news ki waja say?

But, as usual, people lost their shit

Then came the people who started giving their opinions on the matter


Then, of course, came the trolls

It was pure chaos

And one just hit all of us right in the feels

The point remains, though, that none of us will ever be affected by this. Hell, in a couple of days, most of us will have forgotten about it completely. So don’t make a fuss over it. Keep calm.

Besides, Momina is single abhi. Enjoy the knowledge of that while you still can!

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