This Is How Our Society Fails To Understand The Pain Behind A Girl’s Smile

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Who is a girl? A girl is a bundle of happiness, the happiest creature made by God! But we are living in the era where people fail to understand this, and I want to ask why? I’m not talking about just my own society. I’m talking about every single place in the world.

Our society, our families… Why can’t they understand what’s going on in her mind? Why cannot they see that there’s something not right, that she’s depressed, may be worried or has insecurities.  These days, people create problems for their own loved ones. A girl is a loving sister, a loving mother, a beautiful wife. She gives us her whole life and still we are unable to understand her feelings.

Source: Tumblr

Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry or dream? It is because the most beautiful things in life are not seen rather felt by the heart! Each and every person has a heart yet the question arises why cannot we begin to feel the pain of those around us? Sometimes the strongest girl is the most insecure and that’s what we fail to realize.

She won’t settle for disrespectful or toxic relationships. She won’t let those people remain her in life who brings her down. Yet every girl is always willing to accept whatever pain comes her way regardless of the fact that she could endure it or not. No matter how much she accomplishes in her life. No matter how much love she gives, she always ends up wanting to do more for everyone else.

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