This Is How Music Lovers Said Their Final Goodbyes To The Legendary Amjad Sabri

It was the 22nd of June 2016. Everyone was making preparation for iftaar when all of a sudden we heard something we all couldn’t believe!

“The universally loved and famous Qawwal; Amjad Sabri has been martyred!”

After the initial denial has set, people from all over the world were praying for the departed soul and pouring their love out on the social media for his family. It was truly a sad day! I didn’t meet a single person who wasn’t down that day. The entire country, sort of went into mourning!

The currently airing season of Coke Studio promised the return of Amjad Sabri one last time. And people were happy. They were delighted to hear that they would get to see him once more on the screen, singing something that they had heard before.

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This is how people were anxious before the song aired!


Safe to say that no one was prepared

They were even willing to forget the Indo-Pak differences and Just enjoy the last performance in peace

And this just hits the right feels

I remember everyone (including myself) crying their hearts out when he appeared for a brief moment in “Raah-e-haq kay shaheedon” I didn’t know how anyone is going to control their emotions when the song finally aired.

And then it aired and people poured their hearts out!


Everyone was of the same opinion

There was a general inability to express anything except thank yous and sadness



Even the audience from across the border chimed in for praises!



There wasn’t a single eye that did not shed tears today!

May Allah (SWT) Bless his soul and give him the highest position in Jannah. ameen.

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