This International Facebook Page Called Pakistan ‘Beautiful’ But Foreigners Showed Hate

The North side of our country, the Northen Pakistan, an absolute beauty filled with scenic landmarks and places that will take your breath away. Because of the tampered reputation of Pakistan, there have been moments that the international world painted Pakistan negatively, making North Pakistan an underrated destination for traveling.

But This International Page Called Pakistan A Beautiful Place!

We are just glad that people in the international world have started seeing the positive side of our country and honor it for the beauty it holds.

LADBible on Twitter posted a video of Passu in its usual breathtaking scenery!

The background song, Mori Araj Suno by Tina Sani just made the entire video even more beautiful.

While Pakistanis Were Happy With the Sort of Recognition the Country Was Finally Getting, Some Foreigners Made Extremely Negative and Fake Comments

They started commenting on that if Pakistan is this beautiful, why do the Pakistanis leave their country?

Others Started Saying How This Video Is a Fake

They Called Pakistan a Dangerous Country

They Even Felt It Was a Scene from a Game

The 9/11 Attack Was Brought In

So while pages like LADBible and other international publications are bringing out the positive side of the country, safe to say, many believe that the nation is unsafe for foreigners.

Every year, a number of tourists visit the country, especially the North of Pakistan and have great things to say about the country.

Guess people need to visit Pakistan themselves to know better how beautiful the country really is.


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