This Guy Claims that a Famous Institute in Karachi Blames Women for Dressing Inappropriately

This Guy Claims that a Famous Institute in Karachi Blames Women for Dressing Inappropriately

It’s both sad and heartwrenching to say that being born as a girl in such a country is no less than a sin in terms of getting harassed. Since our childhood, we are always told to wear proper clothes which don’t even show an inch of our skin. Well, because somehow, our clothes are thought to be protecting us. Who cares about teaching men to behave? When we have an excuse called “modern dressing” that can be an invitation for harassment.

Another incident of this sort took place in IoBM (Institute of Business Management) which is listed as one of Karachi’s  top universities. It’s an irony that a guy named Fawad Hasan reported this incident on one of the most reputable blogs of Pakistan. He started off by narrating a recent incident that happened in October where a female faculty member was schooled over “improper dressing” by the security in charge. Even her effort of complaining went to waste as she was told to wear “respectable clothes” by the head of the department.

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Being upset with the university’s dress code, he decided to take the help of social media and let many know about it. But soon after the management noticed him working on such a project he was told to stop right away. Although some visiting faculty members kept supporting him. He received a call from a highly respectable male faculty member at IoBM who said,

We have evidence that you penned the story, and if you don’t delete the story or do another in our favor, we will take stern action.

He was told that some action would be taken against the person who disrespected the teacher but it was all a mere lie. He shared:

I couldn’t see my female classmates putting up with the inspecting stares of male bodyguards, checking them out to see how much of their ‘threatening’ skin is showing. I couldn’t bear how women were being turned into mere objects, with no choice on what to wear or how to look, and who instead had to be told how they ought to avoid seeking the attention of their male colleagues.”

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Continuing to speak about how biased the dress code policy is, he mentioned how women are the only target while men don’t have that much of restriction. Whenever a girl is spotted wearing modern clothes, she is told to be distracting the male students as they come from different backgrounds.


People who are close to me know that how hard my journey at IoBM has been. But I still managed to come out victorious…

Gepostet von Fawad Hasan am Samstag, 16. Dezember 2017

Another shameful event was reported by him where he has mentioned how cruel some teachers are.

One aged faculty member, Fareeda Ibad, is infamous for creating a scene once when she stopped a girl, who was wearing a simple western outfit and asked boys to encircle her and keep ogling at her. After the scene, she asked the girl (the victim in this instance) if she was satisfied “because this is what she wanted by wearing such inapt clothes”. This incident was narrated to me by my senior female friends at the university.”

It seems like this has been happening for long enough because as per him, once some female students made a group to raise their voice against it. But after the management found out, they adopted the worst way possible and made their parents apologize for it. No parent would ever want their child to be rusticated from a reputable institute after paying such high fees.

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To summarize it, he questioned the university as to how can they restrict the thoughts of a ‘free, creative human being inside every student at IoBM?’. It’s true that your dressing says a lot about you and is totally your choice. However, after such events, it seems like it has always been other’s choice of how females should dress. After this situation, he decided to boycott the IoBM graduation ceremony since he doesn’t feel that there is an honor in taking this degree from an institute which doesn’t honor a person’s dressing. He explained:

I am proud to say that I didn’t care much about what people or IoBM thought of my appearance when I grew my hair long, following the legacy of Lal Qalandar, had piercings in my ears out of love for my dervish saints, and various tattoos to pay homage to my socialist ideals. IoBM would have seen a clumsy, careless guy, but inside my heart, there was a world of ideas.”

This incident has now turned into a debate where many students have claimed that all these stories are made up and have no reality to it. Plus, being part of an institute, it’s a responsibility of a student to respect the institute also. Therefore, one should refrain from creating such stories where reputation is at stake and if there s no truth to it.

Let’s see if this story has a plot twist to it or not.

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