This Independence Day, PIA Will Be The New Emirates. No Joke

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Tired of flying around in congested local planes? Tired of the rude looks of their old and air-hostesses? Tired of not getting the on board entertainment as experienced by passengers of Emirates and other major international airlines? Say no more. Pakistan International Airlines is set to to become a Chic airline of this region with the launch of PIA Premier on 14th August 2016. The said launch is set to cover a number of international and domestic routes.



With its high tech, spacious and comfortable seating, latest jets: PIA Premier is expected to put the airline at par with numerous international airliners who are offering quality and high-tech services to their passengers. PIA spokesman Daniyal Gillan was quoted as saying,

” With new aircraft, more professional crew and improved service standards, the new service aims at providing an altogether different experience to the passengers. This service will go a long way in helping PIA regain its market share both domestically as well as internationally,”

The said planes are recently leased from SriLanka. They are spacious: No more trouble in stretching your legs and having issues with neighbor’s shoulders. They are high-tech: Movies, Games, Or your favorite music video. PIA Premier has it all! No more rude aunties! These BB’s (Beautiful Bajis) will sure give value for your money. And they will have Halal and Quality food.



You get all the cool things big international airlines offer with a plus point that it’s your own. Add to that: You don’t even have to worry if the food is Halal. That’s a combo you can not afford to miss!
Have you packed your bags already?

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