This Heartbreaking Picture Of Shaheed Lt. Col. Rashid’s Kids Is Making Every Pakistani Emotional

We are often fed with the thought that the army in any country with the high budget is only having the luxury and nothing else. But why do we forget the fact that the basic necessity that a normal soldier is deprived off is more severe than the luxury provided?

If we strike the debate of how the soldiers are put into the most dangerous of situations and that they go in the field with the fact in my that their life is not theirs only. They go prepared that they would die in the name of the beloved country. Not just do they know, but the families know too.

We often hear that the families of the army are the strongest but today this picture proved it well

Lt Col Rashid shaheed’s children— their mother had to make a pillow with their father’s uniform shirt so that the kids could sleep peacefully.May Allah give patience to shaheed's family!

Posted by PAF Falcons on Monday, September 10, 2018

These are the kids of Lt. Col. Rashid. Their mother made a pillow with their father’s uniform shirt so that the kids could sleep peacefully

People couldn’t help but give blessings to the family of Shaheed


Ameen. May Allah give patience to the family

There’s no alternate to parents

Very painful!

Patience and forbearance is all they have now

May Allah give them patience and strength to fight the huge loss that has dawned upon them. The kids and the mother have a big heart to bear this and cope with it.

May Lt. Col. Rashid’s soul rest in peace.

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