This Has To Be The Most Cringeworthy Movie Pakistan Ever Produced

Just when you thought Ramadan was coming to an end with very few cringworthy things happening in the country, the trailer for #ChainAyeNa surfaces.

There’s a thing called ‘Revival of Cinema’ that has been talked about on every other red carpet event of Pakistani cinema... But this trailer is more of ‘Murder of Cinema’.

Here’s few of the highlights one cannot ‘unsee’ from the trailer.

1. “CAN I KISS?”…seriously Syed Noor you doubt the capability of artists with so much cringe to even say that?

2. Hairy chest closeup…I mean even Anil Kapoor has moved ahead of that but you still seem to have the hots for such things (just like the actresses in your movie) …*puke*

3. This isn’t a softcore movie so why make it with so much cringe with weird closeup shots in bad taste. Heck, even softcore movies have better script n direction.

4. When Punjabi cinema walks into Nueplex/Atrium/Ciniplex/Cinepax or even Capri….that’s what it feels like with the cast with one outcast which *oops* is the lead actor/hero himself.

5. If you want to focus on thumkas inspired by Bollywood…at least observe their class and taste and try to replicate it instead of making it so gross.

Lastly, when you decided on the title of the movie…were you planning to make it like one of those B-Grade Bollywood movies on YouTube ? *referring to most searched on Google in Pakistan*

P.S. you sure you were planning on making a mainstream cinema movie? I’m confused…

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