This Guy Reveals How Facebook and Google Track Each and All of Us and It’s Scary!

Ever since the emergence of the internet and social media, we can’t help but praise the facilities it has brought to the world. The emerging line of online businesses, a normal human as a housewife who handles household but also runs a business all through the internet. And as a giant, as it may seem we have witnessed many big companies taking complete advantage of the ever-evolving life of social media.

This one guy on Twitter took it upon himself to understand what really happened to in last 12 month when he was traveling and all he did was to carry his phone around with him. He made a thread of 30 tweets in which he explained how Google and Facebook spied and save his information as fragile as his text messages and audios when he deleted them from his apps. Shocking! no?

The Twitter thread of Dylan Curran made it’s way on Facebook too and people shared the screenshots of his Tweets.

Here’s the post shared on Facebook:

“You are NAKED on Google and Facebook. Make no mistakes about it. Your private life is completely exposed. Just how exposed can be gauged by these sensational screenshots from Twitter. Be prepared to get blown away. It’s very scarrrrrrrrry!”

You are NAKED on Google and Facebook. Make no mistakes about it. Your private life is completely exposed. Just how…

Posted by Natarajan Hariharan on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Reality never comes easily to anyone. He was tracked through his phone and with the help of Facebook and Google. What places he went to and how much time it took him to reach his destination! What messages he sent to people and what messages he received. What photos he sent to his friends and what photos did he receive.

Here’s how Dylan Curran Started his twitter thread

Googles save your location and many people choose to turn it on every time they start using Google

All the minute detail that is possible to be captured!

Deleting information from one device is never enough!

Google creates that ad profile based on the things you search!

It’s all the game of keywords that you use and that too on what time. Algorithm!

So the things that come under the bar of “recommended for you” that’s where they get it from

Woah! That’s HUGE!

Who would imagine that they can get every minute detail of yours

Almost everything that has been created under your name and is on internet!

Since, Facebook holds most of your chat history

Ever after you have deleted them long ago

Remember? The game of keyword?

Ummm.. You never know. Maybe they store this info to check which sort of stickers are used the most

If they can track the location without opening the phone, this shouldn’t surprise anyone

So they tenichally store all the data from all the app that are connected to Facebook!

Damn! Who knew this. *_*

Everything you ever do on your phone and laptop

All the data is saved periodically and is sold to the respective companies

We carry the device with ourselves to let it spy on us. Otherwise, a chip can easily do that!

Contacts, location history, celender and what not!

7.5 billion population of the world and almost 40% of that population has an internet connection today, which was less than 1% in 1995. So, almost in last 2 decades, the internet has taken the world by storm. The growth of the internet is directly proportional to the usage of a common human of the internet.

The number of people on the internet is increasing every day and so is the amount of data for these giants. The bigger the data the bigger the amount of money these companies can earn.

Here’s how it works:

1. Companies like Google and Facebook sell the data of their users.

2.They sell the data of the users to the other companies for a hefty amount.

3. They sell the data such as the number of teenage boys in a region or the number of women interested in baking.

4. These companies later use this data for their product development and design, in accordance with the availability of their target audience.

There much more to these facts much deeper that no normal human would gain insights of. Recently a group of people who worked for these giants became the whistleblower and that’s when the reality of it revealed.

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