If You Have Not Seen This Version Of ‘Thoka Thoka’ You Have Not Seen Anything!

Day 3 and Pakistanis still cannot get over the feeling of being the Champions and that too, after beating the arch rivals India. What made everything even more competitive and challenging for Pakistan was how the people of our neighboring country were challenging us again and again. With the likes of Rishi Kapoor and Virender Sehwag continuously bashing Pakistanis with their sick jokes, the game between the fans went dirty on grounds of words and sentiments.

The ‘Baap Kon Hai?’ Jokes Were Initially Started By Indian Cricketer Virender Sehwag

Given the recent record of wins led by India in ICC perspective, the likes of famous public figures started calling India “Baap”, creating an uproar of negativity.

The Hatred Grew To An Extent That Pakistanis Present At The Stadium Took It Out On The Indian Players

For a year and more, Indians introducing Mauka Mauka had been a torture for us. The “kab phorray gay?” being played again and again was a lot for the Pakistanis to handle as we hadn’t beaten the Indians on any recent occasion.


However, this recent victory instigated our time to play Mauka Mauka as much as possible!

Even Ali Zafar Talked About It

And How The Captain Sarfaraz Sang It With The Fans During The Celebrations

In Addition To All This, A Pakistani Made His Version Of Mauka Mauka And It Took The Internet By Storm!

“In Sab Bacho Ko Aba Nae Aisa Hai Thoka…”

And Pakistanis Loved It!

The lyrics are just AMAZING!!! ??

India Vs. Pakistan is never “just a game”. It has a lot at stake and this time, we finally wanted to get rid of this Mauka Mauka. Thoka Thoka was the perfect response we could give to the Indians, especially after the hatred they had been spreading. It was final after all and how we nailed it gave a response to all the haters itself. Nonetheless, the song Thoka Thoka was enough a clear message!



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