This Guy Shares Simplest Ways To Get Rid Of Mental Illness And You’ll Be Surprised!

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It’s a gloomy world, we are living in. People being different in front of other people and then their souls falling in darkness in a room all alone, sinking in with regrets and guilt, constant overthinking. These lights are just fooling us, to be happy it is not easy to be happy now. I had no idea how tough mental sickness was when I suffered it myself. Hopeless, guilty, regretful, worthless I felt. Well when you wonder about any escapes to not face these mental traumas, I have worked out many.

Go high, just sink some smoke in man, forget all your problems, going in a utopia. It’s better to be senseless than locking yourself in an abyss of no hope. Forgetting all your worries, rather than thinking about the mistake which made me suffer more today, I think about which bong should I hit next, which drug I should smoke next. Nothing can be a better escape than this.

Well, teamwork is the best way to move forward in life. Well to pull yourself out of this abyss, there are people available to help you drag out of this place, yes your friends, your pals, your squad, your gang whatever you might name it. Having these people with you not only gives you less time alone and overthink weird shit, but it also gives you a chance to express yourself, share laughs.

Source: Redemption Groups

I have experienced these things, the inner happiness and peace I felt, sitting with my mates on a chai dhaba, talking about weird shit, laughing all the time, that was the most motivated and hopeful version of myself and man I regret what I did to lose these hours spent with them, lose the laughs my mouth echoed, it is just sad. I thought I could conquer the world but now again I am sitting in my room thinking if I would last more than a year. There is a long story behind this, I will explain later. Well having friends with your side, it’s rare you feel so mentally sick. You could but in my opinion, it can’t be that bad.

The third thing to survive from this gloomy life is to have a goal and spend your alone time working for it, study, do productive stuff and make yourself a better version of yourself, and try your best to reach it and ultimately reach it if you are lucky. Ok, the issue is mental sickness is an enemy, it’s the ninja to our fruity dreams.

Source: The New York Times

A suffering person main issue is he is hopeless, demotivated, and it is not easy to lift himself up and grind, I agree to all this but setting long term and short term goals is not a bad thing as a wildcard out of the misery. Just imagine hitting the gym every day from now on, and transforming yourself. Trust me, when you look good, you feel good. GO GRIND, GO CHASE YOUR DREAMS. Tough, but imagine regretting more in the future for not taking the step today.

Well Last but surely not the least, Turn to your LORD, don’t hate on him for making you go through this misery, you would not want to ignite His fury, instead of begging HIM for His support. Trust me, our destiny is in His hands and we can not escape from this misery without His support. Look everything happens for a reason, now please don’t start going through your past and look for this specific reason, but my point is the help from GOD can turn a weak slave into a warrior, Make David beat Goliath.

So why not trust Him and pray a lot, just imagine satisfying your Creator, The one who runs this whole world, just imagine he starts answering your prayers. Having faith in GOD, not only will make you feel good, but it will resurrect your dead hopes. Talk to Him Cry to Him, there is nothing better than crying while talking to your LORD.

These are just escaped from this asylum, this death chamber where the only way out is suicide, well this is just the worst thing I could end it with. But maybe one of these four things might help you break out from this death chamber, but to breakout, you would need to be very careful of your surroundings, because things might go worse if you are caught, locking you into this prison for a longer time. But you just have to be steadfast and have a never give up attitude. PEACE OUT!

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