This Pakistani Guy Shares How Money Can Actually Buy Happiness!

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Can money buy happiness? Well, when did you ever think you will hear that? Yeah! Research has proven that if you spend your money not on material but rather on experience, it would boost your level of happiness.

Think about it! When someone is about to die, does he ask for the pictures of his beautiful home, or a Rolex watch or a Ferrari to just look at it one last time? No! He just asks to see his family for the last time or the people whom he loves the most.

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We always love and cherish the moments with our loved ones. And those are the ones which we remember often with the passage of time. Materialistic things also give you happiness but it is never permanent. It’s fading away with time because one of the reasons is the new gadgets that are being launched every day and are better than before and people are always looking for more better and advanced version. These things just improve the quality of life and that happiness that you attain while it’s new just fades away with time.

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While experience, on the other hand, is something that always attains positive sentiments because you treasure it for a lifetime. Do you ever forget an event that was inspiring or motivating? Do you forget a great trip that you had with your besties? Or meeting someone who just changed your life in a great way? So experience always pays off. There is always some takeaway from a great event that has a positive impact on your life.

If you learn a skill that brings something positive to rest of your life, you never forget how you thought about it and then started it, right? Or when you make a spontaneous decision of having a trip with your friends and it goes great?Or when you attend a self-development session and you get some great takeaways from it that shapes your life in a better way.

So yeah, it really makes sense now that how money can buy happiness.

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