This Guy Shares How Customers Try to Take Advantage of Female Cab Drivers and It Is Appalling

When private cab services in Pakistan introduced the female captains, a lot of people appreciated it. Seeing how cab drivers are benefiting from services such as Careem and Uber, why not allow females to do the same?

But because of how male passengers would deal with female captains, many women in Pakistan are afraid to use their driving skills and potential to earn something out of these private cab services.

This is very well narrated by Naveed Qamar, a guy who had the honor of traveling with a female cab driver of Uber.

In his Facebook Post, Naveed Shared How his Female Captain Shared that Passengers Harass her Off and On

Here’s what Naveed wrote:

So I had an opportunity to travel with this lady on UBER. I was very skeptical when I called on the number and a girl picked up. When the car arrived I asked her “me aagy bethun ya peechy” she said agay beth jayen.
Still, I sat in the backseat. After some silence, she started talking and told me that “aap pehly admi hain ji ne pocha or pochny k bawjood peechy beth gya. Hamari society me aadmi majbor orat ka faida uthaty hain“.
She told me that aksar log jo sath bethty hain jb me gear lgati hun to jan k physical touch krty hain kohni se. Even jb me ride end kar k ghar chali b jati hun usky baad raato ko call krty hain. Mjy mostly customers ka number block karna parta hai ic wja se.
My point of view is that a woman can do whatever she wants to do. She can be a doctor, she can be a driver or whatever she wants to do.

It’s upon us, the men of this country to know their limits, To control their tharak. This situation is same as the girls receive spam messages every day in their other inboxes and they have to keep themselves because of the honor of this patriarchal society.

Great to see men like Naveed understanding the importance of women empowerment and how they are capable of doing everything, but men try to ruin it by crossing their limits.

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