Guy Shares A Heartbreaking Incident That He Witnessed On His Birthday

This Guy Shares A Heartbreaking Incident That He Witnessed On His Birthday

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Every year on my birthday, I receive many cakes and gifts from my family, friends, and colleagues. Allah has blessed me in so many ways. One day I was on my way to the office, I saw someone give some biscuits to street children, they got so excited and started screaming like they got the world in that biscuits.

At that point in time, I start thinking that how we waste out food and there are people who have nothing to eat and that made me so guilty and I decided not to waste food and forced my family not to buy the cake but still they bought it for me. And then, I decided to celebrate my birthday with the underprivileged people. I contacted Dar ul Sukoon and went there with a friend and believe me or not, they were so excited to know that they will be going to have a piece of cake.

Source: Daily Pakistan

That literally left me speechless and I immediately thanked Allah for blessing me in so many ways. Sometimes, we forget what we have and always look at the people who have everything and never see those who have nothing. My message is just to let people realize that we have to help them because they also deserve to be happy.

We need to start thinking about them and always remember them in our happiness. While cutting the cake, kids were fighting to get a chance to cut the cake like they never got a chance in their life to do so and on the other hand, we are so blessed that we usually cut more cakes than one on our birthdays.

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