This Guy Secretly Recorded And Revealed The Truth About How Petrol Pumps Steal Our Money

Corruption, cheating and contamination in goods – this is the summary of the activities that happen often in Pakistan. May it be the fruit markets, our educational system or any other place for that matter, Pakistan is a country that increases the prices of goods in the Holy month of Ramzan – a month when the entire Muslim world lowers the prices.

It is not common when we hear how the petrol pumps steal petrol – they charge us more and fuel our vehicles less. One might question the fueling noise as an indicator of cheating, while other may say that there are additional liquids in the petrol – the controversy remains.

Here is another turn of events – this guy filmed how the petrol pump guy charged him more by fueling less in his car.

For those who don’t understand,  the guy asked for 700rs fuel in his car and the petrol pump person fueled for 400rs, but changed the figures on the machine as 700rs (700.00).

This is not a rare thing – a number of cases have happened before as well in different walks of life when it comes to our markets. We need to be careful and evaluate on such activities. It is better to tell the petrol pumps about filling our tanks in fuels rather than in nominal amount.

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