This Guy Ran an "Anti-Parhlo" Campaign and Went Viral

This Guy Ran an “Anti-Parhlo” Campaign and Went Viral

This guy has absolutely spoken our hearts out. Who would have thought to dare to do such an act in the middle of the class and in the presence of your instructor? Certainly, this guy is full of something.

On November 29th, during a class at the Institute of Space and Technology, Islamabad, all pupils showed up with a mind to learn and spend time just like in a regular ordinary class. The instructor would have walked in with tooting ideas of taking the course of teaching for the day.

But what remains prominent for that day is not how keen the students seemed to be to their lesson or how ingenious, joyful or interesting was their lesson. Not to forget, the teacher did not do anything spectacular in terms of teaching her class. So, what was it that stole the show and certainly spoke all of our hearts out?



It’s not every day that you get to experience your teacher sitting all calm and composed, without a remark of anger or resentment expressed towards your humorous antics. It’s not every day that a student dares and keeps on daring as he continues, takes up the time to warble his heart out in lyrics of a song.

This student has done what probably some of us would have thought or at least dared to do, but without leaving a hint to our instructor during class. Look at everyone as the words unfold out of his mouth. Seems like someone dropped the curtain or released the clinging tension that they all seemed to have been frustrated of before. BA-DUM-TUSS!

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

The notion spread around is that there will be plenty of days to learn, plenty of days to teach, so let’s take a break from everything. We can’t say this guy deserves a chance at The X Factor, but this guy surely deserves our thumbs up as we thank him for making us all laugh.

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