This Guy Perfectly Describes the Area Allocated to Exams at Karachi University!

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After completing my intermediate education, I chose to go for a BCom degree. The foremost factors convincing me to go for it were a short tenure of 2 years and a vast majority of fellow students opting this degree. BBA was a fair option but due to numerous and various reasons, it didn’t seem to be my next destination to broaden my knowledge.

However, at the beginning of the session 2017-2018 at GCCEK (Government College of Commerce and Economics Karachi), I was satisfied with my choice. But, later on, all those concerns started showing up one by one, about which I was informed by those whom I interacted with to consult the above situation.


Moreover, after the summer vacations ended and we reported back to college, it got clearer than ever before that the facts I was informed of were wrongly anticipated by me as misconceptions. Exams were coming nearer and remaining days were running out fast. Despite this pressure, my attitude towards college went more nonserious, resulting in countless absent marks in so-called attendance sheet.

However, how did I gain enough confidence to appear in exams is a myth itself. Now when my exams are almost over, I decided to break the captivity of anxiety by penning down my experiences at Karachi University.

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Luckily, I didn’t have to walk over a long distance for appearing in the examination hall, as my seat number fell in “examination complex department” the very first venue when entering the University from Maskan gate. I along with my friend, accompanying me from sixth grade, used to travel to KU by Uber rides,  probably the most comfortable and comparatively economic friendly mean of transportation.

I, along with my father, visited KU a day before our first exam was held, in order to avoid any possible inconvenience on exam day. That was the day when I discovered the University more than that of what I did in following days of exams. We entered through the main gate and to inquire the correct way heading towards the respective department was the hell of a job indeed, finally after getting a lot of assistance we reached examination complex department.

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My claim wouldn’t be wrong if I say Karachi University is the only university that accommodates forests in it. A huge diverse educational center acquiring an estimated 1,279 acres of land consisting of 50 different educational departments. On the other hand, the area allocated for exams relatively to the enormous size of the university was quite hilarious! It seemed like we have arrived in a rural area.

Under a tent, on the rocky sand, malfunctioning furniture awaits us every day. Regardless of the mismanagement and lack of interest shown by the higher authorities, I would like to proceed with the current situation and our presence there. After a couple of days, we got familiar with the route and environment.

In conclusion, I would like to say that every aspect of KU is praiseworthy except the management there, they actually do not recognize their roles as the custodians of this great educational institution.

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