This Guy Needs Your Help In Securing Admission In a USA Based University

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I come from a family that was once capable of conveniently paying the bills as well as fulfilling certain desires, but while I was doing my A Level, my father invested a major amount of his resources abroad, which did not work quite well, and led to an enormous loss to my father.

At this point, the resources were scarce to the point where a plain bread was hardly affordable. I had to withdraw from my school before attempting my A-Level exam and take a gap year since the idea of paying exam fee along with the school fee seemed like quite a no-go by then. I couldn’t just sit there and watch my father and family suffer so I took it upon myself to somehow lessen the financial burden on my father and became a freelancer.

I took up every opportunity of freelancing just to earn a few extra notes, which is why I was doing more than one tasks and simultaneously studying as well. I saved the money I made through freelancing and used that for completing my A Level and taking my SAT to apply abroad.

The only dream I’ve had since the day I stepped into high school was to secure admission in one of the top 100 universities of the world. However, after this unexpected reversal of fortune, I had lost all my hope and was ready to embrace the fact that not all dreams are meant to be fulfilled but my father could see my dreams shattering over nothing so he encouraged me to apply to international universities regardless of the circumstances. He always believed that no matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.

By the grace of Almighty Lord, I was fortunate to secure admission in the top 50th college of the USA named DePauw University. I got a scholarship of $37000 out of $63000, and through my savings, I have managed some of the fees, but I still require $16000 to finalize my admission at DePauw University. This devastating financial crisis while being a huge set back for me and my parents made me stronger day by day. Every day was a new hope for me as I learned the art of struggle in life.

Through my constant efforts during one of the hardest years of life, I was finally able to come closer to one of the biggest goals of my life. I request you all to help me take the final step towards my goal by not letting money be a barrier for me; I would really appreciate your donations as it will help me continue my education. 25th July is my deadline. Please donate as much as you can, even a minor contribution on your behalf will take me one step closer to turn my life over. Need your prayers desperately.

Bank Details Of Ahsan Khan

M. Ahsan Khan/ Hina Anjum Khan

Account No: 5572-5000886114

IBAN: PK71ALFH5572005000886114

Bank Alfalah, College Road, Township Lahore

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